Cheryl Fausel was born to be an artist. Her grandmother and both parents were artists who encouraged her talent from her earliest childhood years. Awarded scholarships to the local art gallery in Rochester, NY, and subsequently accepted into an early study program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she majored in illustration, her destiny was never in question.

Often, however, destiny is a curving road.

While at RIT, she met Thomas Ervin Fausel, from Stuttgart, Germany. Several years later, she moved with her husband, Tom, and young daughter, Heidi, to Stuttgart, where she lived for the next 24 years. During this time she worked for the U.S. Army in their recreation department as “Artist in Residence.” Ultimately, she became manager of an army arts and crafts facility and a master quilter, teaching this discipline for eight years. Later, back in the States, she picked up her BS Degree from SUNY at New York.

With the retirement of her husband in 1995, the Fausels moved to Switzerland. Tom built a sailboat and, thirsting for adventure, he and Cheryl sailed away to the Mediterranean and onward to Gibraltar, from where they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and entered the Caribbean Sea. Ultimately they brought the to its final berth in Cape Coral, Florida, After five years of the gypsy life, Cape Coral became their winter residence.